My photographic art is an allegory for my life’s journey. Traveling on a photographic journey, for me, is not about ‘getting somewhere’ or 'getting the shot’. Rather it is about what I encounter on the journey, how I respond to that experience and who I meet along the way, that enriches my life and hence my art. My life’s journey and my art are truly one and the same. For me, it is a spiritual experience, like 'knowing' and 'not knowing' combined; like space between what is real and what is perception, that is so elusive to capture by photography. If I remain open to creative possibility, without expectation, I am given to wondrous gifts of photographic image.

I create my best art when I remain present to whatever my journey is; whether I travel one mile or thousands of miles from home. When I am totally present I experience sounds, smells, colors, textures of life, in all its forms, without any preconceived expectations of how things should be or look. That is when I create my most fulfilling art.

On my journeys I just breathe deep and enjoy the freedom of being outdoors in the presence of Mother Nature’s and Man’s wondrous creations.

• 2006 Southern VT Arts Center Juried Fall Exhibit.

• 2006 Group Show Manchester, VT

• 2006-present, Member of
Life equals Art